Over time, pools require periodic repairs and renovations to look and function their best.

However, resurfacing your pool can be a huge undertaking that should always be left to professionals. At Gem Gunite Pools, our hydro blasting services provide many benefits over traditional surface preparation methods, including dust control, elimination of micro-cracking, and ideal surface bonding. This versatile technique allows for different levels of surface removal ranging from pool paint to complete plaster removal.


Hydroblasting Benefits

Hydroblasting is a safer, more effective way to prepare your pool surface for replaster. Its resurfacing powers efficiently cut through all layers of debris at 40,000 PSI, removing everything from previous coatings to deteriorated sub-surface materials. This creates an abrasive layer, ideal for maximum bonding of the pool shell to a new coating.

Hydroblasting resurfacing offers many advantages over traditional methods. These include:

  • 5x Increased Productivity
  • 35% New Materials Savings
  • 20% Disposal Cost Savings
  • 60% Labor Reduction

In contrast, chipping guns and jackhammers are the most commonly used and cheapest methods for pool resurfacing, but they carry a high risk of damaging the pool shell and exposing rebar, making them highly discouraged by structural engineers. Sandblasting is compatible in cost with jackhammering, but it is a very dusty process with a high failure rate.

Boise Pool Builders

At Gem Gunite Pools, we exclusively recommend hydro blasting for swimming pool remodels due to its many advantages over other techniques. Our resurfacing comes with a 10-year warranty, and we work closely with you, from design to final inspection, to provide you with a beautiful, high-quality swimming pool that meets your needs. Contact us today by filling out our online form, or give us a call at (208) 467-9576 to discuss your pool renovation needs.