At Gem Gunite Pools, our pool builders have a plethora of experience in the industry. With us, you’ll get the strongest shotcrete swimming pool in the Treasure Valley area.

Gem Gunite Pools is the Treasure Valley’s industry leader in shotcrete swimming pool construction. We can help you create the perfect, watertight pool that can be formed into any shape, size, or design with the highest structural strength compared to other pool types. You can rely on our shotcrete application expertise to provide you with a thick, durable pool that will last for years.


Shotcrete Swimming Pool Construction

Shotcrete swimming pools use wet sand, cement, and small aggregate mix. This shotcrete material is mixed in a cement truck before being sprayed with a pump under high pressure and finished. The best part? Shotcrete wet mix is perfect for standing surfaces like pool walls, providing you with the flexibility to create the unique free-form design of your dreams.

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Shotcrete Pool Maintenance

Gem Gunite Pools provides a complete range of services to keep your shotcrete pool well-maintained throughout the year. These include summer openings, winter closings, chemical management, filter and equipment maintenance, and repair and replacement.

Our expert team of professionals will prepare your shotcrete pool for summer by conducting a thorough inspection to ensure everything is in good working order. During winter, we prepare your pool for the colder months, drain the equipment, and cover the pool. If there are any issues, we also offer equipment repair and replacement services to keep your pool running smoothly.

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Gem Gunite Pools is the premier builder of shotcrete swimming pools in the Treasure Valley. Let our expert team of professionals provide you with a wonderful way to relax, entertain guests, and beat the summer heat with the perfect outdoor oasis. Contact us by filling out our online form or give us a call at (208) 467-9576 to learn more and request a free consultation.